22 February 2014

Media Release: Local Agent Head On with Foreign Franchises

Townsville's sporting community is proud of our local teams winning on a state, national and international stage be it the NQ Cowboys, Townsville Crocs, Townsville Fire or Queensland’s record breaking State of Origin team.

Well it's no different in the real estate game with locally founded company, Rapid Realty Pty Ltd (Australia) approaching the playing field with a feeling of pride and determination, taking on the foreign franchises head on with its own style of marketing, education and auction extravaganza events.

Townsville's own real estate franchise, often recognized by a "big red man" on 2.4m high signs around the streets of Townsville, was established in South Townsville in 2007 by two brothers with one employee.
Now employing a team of six staff, over 20 regular contractors and an alliance network of finance, legal and planning professionals with a "standout brand" delivering real estate sales and property management services across North Queensland.

"The innovation of our team to design and deliver a solid brand, practicing values of integrity, quality and service efficiency in a combined property education and trading event is remarkable; Rapid Realty's Founder and Managing Director, Aaron McLeod said from his Kirwan home.

Mr. McLeod commented; this marketing initiative is consistent with our "real service, rapid results" commitment and is a reflection of the passion, gutsy and try-all attitude of our people to exceed client expectations. Our clients want “rapid results” but not at the expense of fair prices, so achieving a sale within 8 weeks 90-95% of the time is a quality outcome.”

Rapid Realty is seeking more local people to aspire and share in the values and growth plans for the company, firstly in North Queensland and then across Australia. With the real estate industry and property market on the verge of recovery in 2014, enquiries from aspiring real estate professionals wanting to enter the industry is picking up, Mr. McLeod reported.

Helping the community with education and achieving great sales results for clients through the "learn and earn, one-stop-shop" initiative is a win win outcome in a competitive real estate market in Townsville.

More often than people may acknowledge, the corporate business gives to the needy in the community with sponsorship or donations. In kind, people going through the pain of divorce, deceased estates, financial stress forcing a down grade or disposal of a property are all reasons an agent helps distressed customers with no financial gain. The client’s freedom to decide to sell is withdrawn for legal, emotional or economic reasons.

Providing free expert opinion and no obligation information is invaluable to the community needing the freedom of choice and movement. Learning and earning is an essential community need for personal growth and economic prosperity.

Being a real estate agent today is about "giving, not taking"; Mr. McLeod said. The mantra of giving and helping is a soft approach to selling. This has seen the company’s earnings increase 20% per year since Rapid Realty was launched in 2007. With their headquarters to remain in Townsville, the "learn and earn" initiative creates perfect synergy with all levels of investors needing to research before they buy.

Supporting a true local agent means the Townsville community benefits from employment opportunities, capital investment and profit reinvestment, as well as in kind knowledge expertise with genuine interest in caring for people. That’s the Rapid Realty way and point of difference from foreign franchisers, Mr. McLeod stated.

Ready for further development and expansion from its Townsville home, Rapid Realty is presenting their marketing talent this Tuesday 25th Feb at the Master Builders House on Sturt Street showcasing the "learn and earn, one-stop-shop" property investment seminar and auction extravaganza.

There are limited seats available so registrations will be necessary. If you want to support this Townsville company, register rapidly at www.rapidrealty.com.au or call their office on 4771 3600.