Contributor Partnership Program

Townsville Real Estate News (TREN) and eMagazine is produced to inform and engage with the audience about issues and events impacting the Townsville real estate market.

The TREN is the first independent digital media site launched in Townsville covering the Townsville and North Queensland market.

In the 7th year of delivering content to a growing audience, attracting the attention of mainstream media services such as the ABC News, WIN News, Seven News, Townsville Bulletin, the TREN and eMagazine is now seeking the services content contributors and content advertisers.

With an exposure of over 22,000 views, 1500 subscribers and 1000s of social media followers, a great opportunity exists for writers and co-contributors to build their portfolio of work, build backlink traffic and grow the credibility of your image and brand.

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Content Contributors

Freelance content contributors will be expected to focus on the quality their content to meet and exceed the demand of existing subscribers and to help grow our readership.

Our content is sourced from real estate professionals, economic and research professionals locally and across the nation to bring balanced and credible opinions for stakeholders to use for their own observations and assessments of the market. It is important that TREN has a team of quality contributors with a range of backgrounds and levels of expertise.

The TREN is planning on adding tremendous value to readers with more quality informative content under a free subscription service while delivering consumers real solutions in the form of optional digital information and material products, which are offered primarily to attract various aspects of income for the Contributor and TREN for the ongoing development of the website and resourcing commitments.

For further details about the Content Contributors Income Disclosure and to submit your expression of interest, please fill out the Contact Us form on this page or email us at

Advertising Partners

Content advertisers are very important to TREN's capacity to resource the ongoing delivery of our services and helping with our development. With mutual consideration, we are also excited about our existing services and the value-add we can offer to organisations and your marketing strategies.

The TREN is attracting the attention of mainstream media services such as the ABC News, WIN News, Seven News, Townsville Bulletin.

With a market exposure so far of over 22,000 views,1500 subscribers and 1000s of social media followers, the TREN's Contributor Partnership Programs are designed for advertisers seeking to grow their businesses and generate more traffic, leads and sales.

The opportunity for local Townsville and global commercial operators is to partner with a proven marketing and media operator and leverage from proven readership traffic.

Showcasing your brand, products and services in a broad and popular niche such as real estate and property is not only smart but strategically essential in getting the best "bang for your buck" from a limited or targetted advertising budget.

Real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, financial planners, mortgage brokers, banks, property managers, home decorators and trades services are just a few businesses that are expressing interest in this Contribution Partnership Program for advertisers.

We would be grateful to you if you would submit your contact details using the Contact Us form on this page or email us at

We very much respect all expressions of interest to our Contributor Partnership Program. We will pay particular attention to enquiries from serious researchers, creators and writers for the Content Contributor program. And likewise, serious advertising business consumers seeking to grow your respective business are welcome to get in touch with us.

We have limited positions for content contributors and measured real estate space for advertisers. So we encourage you to take action now.

"If nothing changes, nothing changes". And I'll leave you with this quote from Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's. "The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about."

Don't wait! The time is now to get in front of the competition and secure your partnership agreement with Townsville's only locally owned and independent real estate news service.

Have a great and we wish you every success.

Partner Acknowledgements:

Terry Cochrane

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