24 October 2013

Townsville Born "My Property Time Blog" Launched for Investors

Townsville's leading independent real estate Principal and Managing Director of Rapid Realty Australia and Trustee of McLeod Investments and Consultancy (MCINC) firm, Mr Aaron McLeod has launched a new website blog called My Property Time.

Mr McLeod said; "the new website will be administered in North Queensland. It will be a public meeting place like the old bookstore and library with a social atmosphere where useful stories can be told and collaborated."

Mr McLeod expects the My Property Time blog reflects the knowledge and experience of his team of business owners and employees including property managers, real estate professionals, financial planners, mortgage brokers, solicitors, etc. to help new and emerging property investors to achieve success and avoid the many hidden costs and pitfalls of property investing.

From the My Property Time Blog:

Welcome to the new My Property Time Blog created to help investors and property owners with the joy, and dare I say it, the sadness of property ownership. We hope My Property Time adds value to our readers' efforts whether you might be researching, observing or actively investing in real estate across Australia and the world.

My Property Time will source pertinent and trending stories on real estate and property markets impacting investors. Whether you are experienced or new to the property investment industry, this blog aims to be useful for all interest groups. However, My Property Time's target audience and focus by and large will be active investors.

Although some of you may never become an active investor, or at least identify yourself as one, it is this group of people who are more likely to benefit from the My Property Time blog.

Being an active investor means you have an acute need for reliable, pertinent, trustworthy, accurate and timely information and facts about legislative changes, niche market trends, hints and tips on selecting a mortgage broker, real estate professional, property manager, conveyance specialist or even building and pest inspection reports.

Investing in real estate for cash flow, capital gains or tax minimization purposes needs to be purposeful, and often most effective when linked to specific goals. The delivery of investment measures and strategies are constrained by various risks while opportunities are realised more often when the investor has clear investment plans and specific goals.

Almost all successful investors understand these risks, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses, often referred to the SWOT analysis. So if you are a first time investor reading this blog on your mobile device or office PC, understanding the keys to successful property investing is understanding your goals, establishing a clear investment plan, identifying your constraints, risks and appetite for loss or gain, and minimising your assumptions while having the courage and decisiveness to secure your first investment property.

As a first time investor, if this is your situation, you can feel a sense of comfort knowing that My Property Time is at the beginning of your journey, just as this blog is at the beginning of our journey. We hope you have discovered this blog and we share My Property Time together.

As an experienced investor, we trust you can make My Property Time one of your favourite sites to gain knowledge and information but also share your extensive knowledge with our supporters and our team.

So as an opening introduction to our purpose, investment planning, risk management and decision-making is a prelude to what our opening series of stories will cover. Once again, welcome to My Property Time and we look forward to making a small difference in your life. My Property Time is your time!

You can visit the new My Property Time Blog at http://mypropertytime.wordpress.com/