21 February 2013


Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) investors have increased their enquiries and interest in Rapid Realty's new construction and "off the plan" houses and units in Townsville.

Since the property market has shown signs of a turn around and legislative changes to SMSF entities have been proposed pertaining to the discount of capital gains tax, the phone has been ringing off the hook, said Rapid Realty's Sales Representatives.

The main driver for the increased interest from SMSF is opportunistic. The positive buy status in "turnkey" and "off the plan" property, and to a less extent 2nd generation property, is finding the right time to buy.

By and large investors are finding today's conditions that tick all the boxes in terms of more upside then downside risk in the tried and true bricks and mortar of real estate.

The dream of building a retirement nest egg with less risky market conditions in terms of the:

· upside in accommodation demand and relatively low vacancy rates

· favourable lending products in fixed interest borrowings

· likely positive capital growth over the medium to long term

· cash flow performance being favourable, and

· great taxation incentives on capital gains tax

makes the Townsville housing market a "hotspot" for investors.

Aaron McLeod, Principal and Managing Director of Rapid Realty Townsville said; "SMSF Investors are seeking confidence and credible support and service in the research data, purchase and ongoing management of their property asset."
Mr McLeod believes semi-retired investors are worried about the financial risks off the back of the GFC and the concerns about having poor quality tenants in their superannuation nest egg investment. It is our job to disclose all the facts and build confidence for investors so they need not worry about finding and retaining quality tenants, Mr McLeod said.

With the "one-stop-shop" of services in buying, asset management and selling, Rapid Realty with its commitment to "real service, rapid results" is attracting serious investors and a loyal client base in this sector of the market, Mr McLeod said.
As an active member of Business Network International, Rapid Realty Townsville can assist with bono fide contacts in North Queensland that can provide further information for investors.
Investors are encouraged to seek independent advice from their professional team of financial planners, wealth advisors, solicitors and mortgage brokers.

Go to www.rapidrealty.com.au for more information about specific new and existing investment properties in North Queensland.