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We are very excited to bring the new Townsville Real Estate News (TREN) and eMagazine to the community of North Queensland.

After seven years of slowly creating and developing the Townsville Real Estate Blog, the demand for credible and purposeful information from a local perspective about issues and events concerning the real estate industry steadily increased.

Now with over 1500 subscribers, the TREN is reaching a critical mass of readers. As the most important people to us, your expectations of receiving better local stories and content has been heard and now we are acting on your direction. Thank you!

From the beginning, the purpose of TREN was to inform and engage with sellers, buyers, investors and stakeholders about issues and events impacting the Townsville real estate market.

Our content is sourced from local real estate professionals, economic and property professionals primarily, and corroborated with national and international researchers and media to bring balanced and credible observations and opinions that are relevant to the Townsville community and interested investors in the region.

As the capital city-centric governments have focused on population and a disrupted mainstream media have focused on profits over population, regional communities feel they have been forgotten in an age of globalization.

Townsville is no exception! Yet the community has maintained their interest and passion for local content and a curiosity about how they are fairing in the broader world.

By and large, the reader wants useful information to inform themselves about events, people and services that are either threatening or leading change to their lifestyle, security, wealth and well being.

And the majority of you are participating already as home owners, investors or accommodation consumers.  But we also have readers who seek to participate actively in the discussion. 

So for these people making contributions and seeking influence, the TREN has established a networking community on our Facebook Page and seeks more content providers to join us under our Contributor Partnership Program.

Again, the TREN and eMagazine is a community based service and we aim to increase our volunteer and affiliate capabilities to cover more of what Townsville want in their inbox, on the desktop and mobile screens. With the desire and consumption of real estate and property information and stories growing, the Contributor Partnership Program is an initiative for TREN to sponsor talented writers, photographers and experts.

We also encourage anyone in the North Queensland community, either resident, investor or visitor, to contact us with their opinions and stories. Because ultimately, we are aiming to satisfy more of you with our coverage of local real estate news.

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