06 September 2012

Rapid Realty Townsville Praised by Vendors and Landlords

Townsville Real Estate
Rapid Realty Townsville Team, August 2012
Townsville based and nationally trademarked real estate agency, Rapid Realty Pty Ltd is receiving increasing acknowledgement from Landlords and Vendors for "prompt and cheerful" service.

The locally established agency since 2007 is exceeding expectations in their sales and property management business.

Unlike the USA and New York based Rapid Realty, Rapid Realty Townsville is Australian owned and managed by its Australian founder.

"Receiving praise from our valued clients is invaluable and testament to the level of satisfaction being experienced in our sales and property management business"; Aaron McLeod, Rapid Realty Founder and Principal Director said.

"We have been working hard for five years nurturing our clients and their properties and developing our technology, processes and people to continually improve our services. We pride ourselves on delivering 'real service, rapid results' and, to receive praise for what we love doing is a humble experience.” Mr McLeod said.

A Rapid Realty Landlord from Cairns said; "Rapid Realty has managed two of the properties in our portfolio for several years now. The thing that differentiates Aaron and his staff is that they really do deliver. They do what they say they will do, and they do it promptly and cheerfully. They are by far the best agents we have dealt with. They spend the time on your property, including when the going gets tough. They communicate well and give us a sense that they are a genuine 'partner' in our wealth creation endeavours. What more could investors want. Thanks Aaron."

Another Rapid Realty Vendor from the Sunshine Coast said; “We were a little unsure if this was the correct way to go as there were other agents very willing to sell the property also. However, you asked for the opportunity to sell Mum’s property for two months to see how it went and even after explaining to us that December– January would be fairly quiet trading you affected the sale promptly. Aaron at all times you were courteous and polite and were very helpful to our Mum during the time that it took to complete the transaction. We wish you all the best with Rapid Realty and would have no hesitation in recommending you and your business to anyone in the future”.

Rapid Realty Townsville was foundered by Aaron McLeod in December 2007 in Townsville, North Queensland. On the 7th December 2012, Rapid Realty will celebrate their 5th Birthday at their Boundary Street office.