06 September 2017

Trading On The Seas; North Queensland And China Steaming In The Fast Line

Trading North Queensland to China and South-East Asia
Trading and economic relations between Townsville North Queensland and China has been fast-tracked this week, increasing the City’s bulk export and import shipping capacity out of northern Australia with a direct transit route to and from Singapore, with connecting services to Chinese ports.

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The more direct and faster-transit times is expected to increase trading volumes through the Townsville Port and deliver a boost for local traders and businesses seeking faster, more efficient and competitive shipping services to South-East Asian markets.

The China Navigation Company’s ship liner business, Swire Shipping, announced the new service in a press release saying “Swire Shipping is changing its North Asia Express (NAX) service, bringing super-fast transit times between Townsville North Queensland and South East Asia.”

The 20-day frequency service will offer the fastest transit times to/ from major Asia and Southeast Asia international ports and will be supported through the deployment of ships with larger tonnage capacity.

Shippers will enjoy an eight-day transit to Singapore, 17-day transit from Shanghai and a 15-day transit from Ningbo.

Swire Shipping General Manager Jeremy Sutton said that Swire’s long term commitment to Australia had provided sustainable shipping services between Australia and the Asia Pacific region since 1883.

“Swire has provided services to and from Australia for more than 130 years and our North Asia Express service enhancement will provide the best options for shippers, as well as the import needs of the community in Townsville; and most likely boost trade for North Queensland.”

Swire Shipping Commercial Sales Manager North and Central Queensland, Natalie Adamsson, said that the Swire team was dedicated to providing Townsville with great services.

“Our team in Townsville is looking forward to helping local business to optimise Swire Shipping’s market-leading transit times to better meet their logistics needs,” said Ms Adamsson.

“Swire Shipping provides flexible, multipurpose liner services with capacity for conventional, refrigerated and project cargoes using a fleet of modern and eco-friendly vessels as a long-term commitment to deliver sustainable shipping solutions to its customers.”

Port of Townsville Limited General Manager Business Development Claudia Brumme-Smith said that the changes to the North Asia Express service from Swire Shipping would be hugely attractive to North Queensland farmers.

“Swire Shipping now offer the fastest transport times to Singapore, meaning our customers and producers have even more opportunity to access the market of one of the most vibrant trading cities in the world; which is also the logistics hub of Asia,” said Ms Brumme-Smith.  
“The new eight-day direct service from Townsville to Singapore gives growers even more options to export time sensitive cargo including locally grown fruit and vegetable products such as avocado, mango and melons to Singapore and other Asian markets.

“The service is another great opportunity for North Queensland businesses to connect with the world.”

Swire Shipping is supported by more than 100 employees across five offices in Australia in Townsville, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne and Sydney.  Eight of Swire Shipping’s liner trades serve Australian ports including Townsville, Darwin, Gladstone, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Port Kembla, Geelong, Melbourne and Bell Bay, bringing more than 500 port calls to Australia per year.

Swire Shipping is the liner shipping division of The China Navigation Company (CNCo) and operates multiple liner trades in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America and the nations of the South Pacific, in addition to providing services to India, the Middle-East and Europe.

Swire Shipping’s network of services operates a versatile fleet of multipurpose ships capable of carrying a wide range of cargoes including containerised, refrigerated, project, breakbulk and heavy lift cargoes.

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