30 August 2017

Crime: Is The Solution In The Reason? Exclusive Report From Local Candidate

Crime – an investigative review of hand outs and lack of discipline

One has to ask why the increase in crime across the country and why the offenses that are taking place are so prolific.

Is it because some fifteen years ago, young couples were offered money to have children instead of having them for the pure satisfaction of loving and nurturing their own offspring, with little or no financial help?

Is it because of the lack of discipline? Not being allowed to smack your child and, wrapping them in cotton wool for fear of their feelings being hurt?

Is it because of the breakdown of the family unit with children feeling the guilt of a loveless marriage and separation from their parents as they are handed from parent to parent week-on and week-off?

Domestic violence leading to the child not understanding any other way of life and believing that it is ok to hit and be hit, as they know no better, may be a connection that leads to their violent future.

With many children now in child care, as mum and dad have to work to make ends meet, children often miss out on that one on one time with their parents – and the luxury of simple things – such as the smell of biscuits coming out of the oven and a chat with mum after school over issues such as bullying and poor school grades, may lead to many children believing that their parents just don’t care.

Is it because children are having children with no role models or guidance? No training to be mothers and fathers from school education, and no family support.

Worse still, the case of poor parenting being the only mentoring for some young mothers, which relies upon the rule that ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ only leading to a bitter unbroken cycle in the future?

Lack of self-esteem and respect from growing up in a family that doesn’t care whether they exist or not contributes to a forever cycle which only escalates as their confidence in crime increases.

Is it because initially getting pregnant is glorified by movies and television programmes, and suddenly a young teenager is left holding the baby with no support network and realizing being a mum isn’t all sugar and roses.

Maybe getting pregnant for some is a way out of an education system they do not enjoy, or a way to earn money to get away from an abusive family environment, and, without a support network offspring from this lost environment may be why these children are committing crimes.

Unfortunately, revenge pregnancies are not uncommon, but no thought is given to the child who in turn grows up unloved and feeling unwanted.

A ‘me’ society where everything is ‘mine’ no matter what, has certainly sprung up with past generations of parents having the disposable income to spoil on their children. Buying is easier than giving the most precious gift of all which is free yet unavailable for many …the parent’s gifts of time.

We see our children fixated to computer screens in their bedrooms, shooting at cartoon people and objects, or animated games where de sensitivity with no parental supervision does not teach the rights and wrongs of the actions on the children’s screens, with some believing that what they play on the computer can be replicated in real life.

Movies can be very educational but also dangerous in glorifying crime, and giving young, vulnerable and naive children the opportunity to see the use of drugs and acts of sex that they should never be exposed to, especially whilst watching these programmes unsupervised. Sure we have censorship and parental lock systems but these only work when caring families use these controls.

Advertising of fast cars appears to be the norm, encouraging young to do the same behind the wheel, with such promotions of acceleration from 0 to 160 in seven seconds. It makes you question why when most of our roads in the country have a maximum speed limit of 100kms per hour.

Many criminal youngsters, through peer pressure, often only make contact with friends with similar criminal records and once those friends are locked up inside the need to commit a crime may manifest just to be with the only company they know.

Sadly in some cases committing a crime leads to being institutionalized with an assurance of a warm bed, three hot meals a day, television and a nice hot shower, something not available to them on the ‘outside’.

Brazen attacks often occur simply because they can, or are due to peer pressure to prove they are as tough as their mates and desperately want to be accepted by fellow criminals.

Drugs such as ice bring more violent attacks. The choice to indulge in this illegal activity because of lack of employment, boredom, insecurity and peer pressure, often appears, in their eyes, to help many to escape from the sad reality that life has led them to. Stealing and ‘dealing’ has it’s own supposed rewards for some in the form of immediate assets and opportunities to make money to fuel their next fix.

Addressing the issue of crime has not come without its problems but obviously, what has been tried is not working. Maybe addressing the issues one by one, taking each criminal case on an individual basis and taking the time to find out why these criminals, many of them as young as ten years old are committing such acts may be a help in finding the solution.

No one solution will fit the cap of every criminal but maybe it’s a start to breaking the cycle of terror that many have experienced during the violation of their homes, and, theft and damage of their possessions.

Last but absolutely not least is the victims.

No matter how irresponsible we as ordinary people are for leaving items around, not locking our houses, walking home in the dark, wearing a short dress or leaving keys in cars, is absolutely no excuse for anyone to help themselves in any way shape or form to anything or anyone.

Victims work hard for every single asset they gain and the anger and frustration in many can be felt loud and clear. The inconvenience of no vehicle, or repairs to it whilst chasing up insurance companies, as well as the increase in insurance premiums, having to chase up the banks to cancel credit cards and wait for new ones, repairing or replacing damaged property and worst of all having to heal both mentally and physically certainly takes its toll. A toll, our society should not have to take, ever.

Maybe somewhere there is a solution, but doing what is being done now is not working we need to find a new way, but first, let’s ask why. Maybe no one knows what the solution is but taking time to find out the reason is a good start.

Author: Margaret Bell, Candidate for the One Nation Party in the State seat of Hinchinbrook

Margaret Bell
One Nation Candidate

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