17 February 2017

Townsville at War with "Getup" extremists moving on Townsville

GetUp staff and National Director, Paul Oosting
Image: Thanks to The Mercury
Extremist environmental campaign organiser, Getup, their associates the Australian Conservation Foundation and corporate backers, such as businessman Geoff Cousins, have taken up a war footing against North Queensland businesses and citizens with the placement of advertisements for three field coordinators on the ground in regional Queensland.

The aim of the political lobbyists is to manipulate the minds of "constituents" in the region. Backed by global media and the extreme left movements, while shifting the focus away from their diminishing support for climate change and unvetted asylum seeker policy, they have 100 percent directed their resources onto the higher profile and socially sensitive Great Barrier Reef, a key pillar in their national political agenda.

But really their sights are fixed on the destruction of the Adani coal mining companies, the Carmichael mine, and any organisation or representative in favour of the projects such as the Mayor of Townsville, Jenny Hill, Queensland Premier, Anastacia Palaszczuk, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Pauline Hansen's One Nation Party.

Queensland MPs, Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk, Adani CEO and Mayor Jenny Hill announce Townsville as Adani coal mine headquarters
Image: Thanks to ABC (Port of Townsville)
All of whom have backed the projects and the $1 billion low-interest loan through the Northern Australia development fund.

Responding to the community's call to take urgent action on creating jobs, the bipartisan political approach is seeking to cut serious crime, such as the wasteful deaths of two innocent grandmothers, and improving the lifestyle assets of the community and build new water infrastructure.

The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) reported this week that "The power and reach of the Adani Group are legendary in India. But the group's subsidiaries have also faced allegations of involvement in fraud and corruption, environmental destruction and labour exploitation."

SMH reporters Nick McKenzie, Richard Baker and Peter Ker commented that "A recent ABC investigation into the conglomerate focused on ongoing investigations by Indian authorities, widely reported by the Indian media, into alleged money laundering and tax fraud by Adani subsidiaries." The investigative trio then went on to say, however, that "The federal resources minister described the ABC report as "fake news" and said the allegations were untested."

The primary aim and conditions on the $1 billion funding are to be invested in a major rail infrastructure corridor from the mine site to Abbott Point, south of Townsville.

In this new and disturbing announcement by Getup to deploy three field organisers to the region, their aggressive nature and covert tactics of the campaign have become apparent. 

Targeting their own members, lobbyists, funding institutions and courts, now they are directing resources towards "constituents", the people, who are mostly unaware of the extreme left lobby organisation and the coercive pressure campaign being brought upon the 200,000 citizens of the City.

By and large after failing in the political and legal arena, Getup is going to attempt to wake up the electorate with protest, propaganda and further promiscuity, asking the voters of Townsville and every marginal seat in Australia to vote in favour of the Great Barrier Reef over "dirty coal", or cause politicians and the Adani company to back down.

On a national election level, the green vote from the capital city seats of Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart are powerful. Yet the source of program paralysis under the Rudd and Gillard governments.

Queensland is a different proposition with two country politicians, one regional and one ex-liberal candidate controlling the balance of power in the Queensland parliament, meanwhile, Getup's political campaign so far against Adani has failed. 

Image: Getup website advertisement
At least that is what one would think given the federal court rulings upholding the approvals for the mine. But Getup doesnt get it!

They said they are; "developing, refining and implementing a community campaign that engages volunteers and shifts the minds of constituents around the Great Barrier Reef and Galilee Basin coal mines", including "getting members out for regular field tactics; including events, stunts, community stalls and letterboxing." as shown on their campaign's website.

Image: Getup website advertisement

As rampant unemployment and bankruptcies have traumatised the population of the largest population centre in North Queensland with 25,000 people exiting the City due to a jobs recession, the anticipated pain and suffering of its people are expected to continue on the actions of the Getup executive team led by National Director, Paul Oosting.

This time, instead of the unemployment being caused by unintended economic consequences from declining commodity prices and the Global Financial Crisis, the citizens' continued pain could be attributed to the irresponsible and malicious actions of an extreme political lobbyist group seeking to acquire more power and control on global cultures, and centres of western democratic power.

Getup, formed by Jeremy Heimans and David Madden as a politically left movement to ambush and cajole the two-house majority government of Prime Minister John Howard in August 2005. They cut their teeth obstructing political parties, even at the expense of their own integrity, opposing the Gillard government's carbon tax which most ordinary people thought was favourable to their own environmental agenda, reducing carbon emmisions.

Since then they have developed the most powerful environmental political lobby organisation in Australia using military-style tactics to disrupt opposition supply, sabotage their assets and manipulate the media.

They use unfounded and time-discredited science and "fake news" to maintain the bleeding hearts of over 1 million followers and win more cultural and social support to "maximise their power". The point of political leverage is the May 2018 State election and the 11 marginal seats in Queensland.

Despite the favourable arguments put forward for the Adani coal mine and recently proposed coal-fired power station to be built in North Queensland, supporting sustainable industry and employment opportunities, the upcoming 2018 election could hinge on less than 1000 votes to bring the usually left-leaning Labour Party into coalition, should they regain power beside a kindred green movement.

Getup's Miriam Lyons said; "For example, it would take just 532 votes to change the outcome of the seat of Forde in Queensland."

The fully paid position description of Getup's Field Coordinator, astonishingly similar to the structure of a military operative, will be located on the ground in Townsville. The audacious and very calculated outline of the type of individual they aim to attract is described in their job advertisement.

Image: Getup website advertisement

Back in 2015 west of Casino in New south Wales, Getup creative director Simon Duncan-Watt was allegedly captured trespassing by a security camera installed by the mine site operator.

In an unrelated matter, Metgasco said: "security camera equipment at three sites was damaged last weekend." Metgasco alleged an intruder visited a number of well sites, removed batteries and memory cards from the cameras and disabled the equipment." (Scott Harlum, Northern Star).

Getup's operatives admitted, "I undertook these actions as I feared that no government agency was out to protect the public and landowners."

Brendan Pearson, CEO of the Minerals Council of Australia said; "the anti-mine campaign amounts to 'futile grandstanding' that will only delay job and business opportunities for thousands of Australians."

From a real estate perspective, the threat to economic recovery and negative attention directed toward Townsville due to the green agenda, even though rebuffed by the federal government and the Townsville Bulletin's Editor in favour of Adani and a new coal powered station, could cause further uncertainty and damage to the increasing confidence in the business community.

For the majority of Townsville and regional Queensland communities seeking a favourable change in their economic prospects from the god-gifted coal resources and associated mining infrastructure projects in their backyard, which have already received unprecedented environmental scrutiny and approvals, the Getup campaign along with the discredited green and extreme left movement could be facing the final nail in the coffin of an ideology already failing and losing influence.

As late as 2016, Getup in their own submission lobbied to have all political donations over $500 made public and all foreign donations to political parties to be banned, then for the inquiry to learn that Getup had themselves accepted $300,000 in foreign donations.

This most disruptive and insensitive campaign to cripple Townsville's and regional Queensland's hopes for a better future by an undemocratic political non-profit organisation, with a dodgy financial and moral past, has become very personal to lots of locals, their families and thousands of their sympathisers.

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