27 April 2012

Majors Creek School Sells to Private Buyer

Majors Creek School was sold to a private buyer yesterday with an unconditional contract for the asking price of $264,000 from Education Queensland.

Locally founded real estate agency, Rapid Realty Townsville won the tender and was appointed by Education Queensland to auction the property on 21st April 2012.

The auction was held onsite at Majors Creek School, 45 minutes west of Townsville, last weekend and attracted seven registered bidders and over twenty guests, a few of which demostrated their opposition to the sale.

Retiring Mayor Les Tyrell said to the Townsville Bulletin (19th April 2012); "I would call upon the education department to rethink their tactics and withdraw it from the market, and arrange to transfer it to a community organisation, whether that be through the council or not - we can sort that out later."

Rapid Realty Townsville's Auctioneer Mal Charlwood said; "three active bidders on the day of auction pushed the final bid to $221,000, at which price the property was passed in for not reaching the reserve."

It is understod the successful buyer intends to utilise the three main buildings, tennis court, cricket pitch on 3 acres as their private family home and place of residence, Mr McLeod, Principal Rapid Realty Townsville said.

Dispite some local protests from a few local residence, the 77 year old school will now be used for private purposes.




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